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GTA Warehouse Pickup

GTA Warehouse Pick Up Option 

Due to the prevailing situation, GTA Warehouse Pick Up Option has been temporarily suspended. However, for your convienience, we offer contactless, free shipping throughout Canada. 

The following instructions will apply to orders placed for GTA Warehouse Pick Up when the service becomes available.

To pick up:

1. Please add product to the cart and click checkout.

2. Enter the name of the person picking up in the Name field within the Shipping Adress. 

3. Enter SCARBOROUGH WAREHOUSE PICK UP, SCARBOROUGH and M1X 1S9 respectively in Address, City and Postal Code fields within the Shipping Address.

4. Please select the GTA Pickup option at checkout.

5. Check "Use a different billing address" and enter your billing address to complete payment 

6. Allow one business day for a pick up authorization email.

7. Print and take your pick up authorization to the applicable GTA warehouse location with identification.

8. Every person arriving at the warehouse must wear a mask at all times and must practice social distancing.

9. Hand over the pick up authorization to warehouse clerk through the glass window. 

10. Warehouse staff will process your pick up order and call your name.

11. Back up your vehicle to the loading dock and load your product to your vehicle.


Kiosk Pick Up Option

We have with temporarily suspended our kiosk pick up option until further notice. However, we have adopted a Canada-wide 100% Free Delivery policy to include all products and all addresses in Canada with the exception of Yukon, Nunavut and Northwest Territories.